Outdoor Gifts for Her: 50 Unique Ideas for 2023 – Ultimate Guide

Choosing the right outdoor gifts for your outdoorsy girlfriend or any outdoorsy woman can be a tricky task. It’s equally challenging to find something for an outdoors woman or an outdoorsy gal.

You want outdoorsy gifts that are not only practical but also a great addition to her adventure kit, perfect for the outdoorsy woman or gal in your life, even if she’s your outdoorsy girlfriend.

Whether she’s an outdoorsy woman, an outdoorsy gal, or just enjoys the occasional trip, our guide covers various types of outdoor gifts for your outdoorsy girlfriend or outdoorsy friend. These are sure to light up her life and help her navigate the art of the outdoors with ease.

From safety essentials like compasses and tents for backpacking, to fun additions like snowshoes for travel in national parks, and notebooks for jotting down notes about sites seen, this guide is your one-stop-shop for all things outdoorsy.

So, let’s dive right in and explore these fantastic outdoorsy gifts for your adventure-loving, travel-enthusiast, outdoorsy girlfriend together.

Celebrating Women in the Great Outdoors

Outdoor activities inspire and empower women. Here, we’ll share stories of influential women who love backpacking and discuss gifts that support their adventure and travel love for nature.

Empowerment through Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities aren’t just fun. They’re empowering too. When an outdoorsy woman, an adventurous outdoors girl, conquers a mountain trail, she also conquers her fears. This feeling of achievement is priceless.

For instance, consider Amelia Earhart. She was not just an adventurous woman, but also a pioneering aviator, embodying the spirit of outdoorsy women.

This adventure-loving, outdoorsy girlfriend was an inspiration for all outdoorsy girls. As an outdoors woman, her solo adventure flying across the Atlantic solidified her image as an outdoor woman of courage and resilience, a true symbol for all outdoorsy women.

Influential Women in Outdoor Adventures

Many women have left their mark on outdoor adventures. Their stories inspire us all.

Take Junko Tabei for example. She was the first of the outdoorsy women, an adventure-loving girlfriend, and a role model for outdoorsy girls, to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Her story inspires countless outdoorsy women to challenge themselves in the adventure of the great outdoors, sparking interest in outdoorsy gifts.

Or think about Arlene Blum. An outdoors woman and author, she led the first all-outdoor woman team on an adventure, becoming the first outdoorsy girls to conquer Annapurna I, one of the world’s deadliest peaks.

These outdoorsy girls and adventurous outdoor women show us that being an outdoors woman doesn’t limit our capabilities for adventure.

Gifts for Nature-loving Women

So how do we encourage more outdoorsy girls and women to embrace outdoor adventures? Perhaps through outdoorsy gifts from our shop, we can inspire the outdoors woman in everyone. One way to connect with outdoorsy women and girls is through thoughtful gifts that reflect their passion as an outdoors woman or outdoor woman for nature.

A hammock can be a perfect pick from the shop for outdoorsy girls or women who enjoy reading nature books under open skies.

For those outdoorsy girls and women who enjoy hiking or camping, consider shopping for outdoorsy gifts like a high-quality tent or sleeping bag. These outdoorsy gifts not only show your support for outdoorsy girls and women but also enhance their outdoor experiences. Visit our shop to explore more.

Essential Clothing for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outdoor clothing is a must for outdoorsy people. They need weather-appropriate, durable items.

Weather-Appropriate and Durable Gifts

Outdoor gear is not just about style. It’s about comfort and protection too. An outdoorsy gift like a quality jacket can keep an outdoorsy woman or girl warm in cold weather. A good shirt can keep an outdoorsy woman dry when she sweats, making it a must-have for outdoorsy girls to shop.

Brands like Patagonia and The North Face offer excellent outdoorsy gifts options, perfect for the outdoorsy women or the outdoorsy girl who loves to shop. Their puff jackets are popular among climbers. They’re light but warm, perfect for cold conditions.

A waterproof jacket is another essential item. This shop’s gear protects the outdoorsy girl against rain and snow, keeping the woman dry. It’s a must-have for all outdoorsy women. Columbia offers great waterproof jackets.

Variety of Outdoor Clothing Gifts

For the outdoorsy girl or woman, there are many types of outdoor clothing gifts to pick from in our shop. Thermal wear, for example, is ideal for winter adventures.

Brands like Smartwool offer high-quality thermal wear, perfect as outdoorsy gifts for the outdoorsy women or outdoorsy girl who love to shop. This gear fits well and keeps the wearer warm.

Fleece is another good option for cold weather. It’s soft, comfortable, and provides excellent insulation. Plus, this outdoorsy gift is lightweight which makes it easy to pack or carry around, a perfect pick for an outdoorsy girl or woman.

And let’s not forget sunglasses! When you shop and pick outdoorsy gifts for outdoorsy women, consider polarized sunglasses. They protect the eyes from harmful UV rays while enhancing vision clarity in bright conditions.

Sustainable Brands to Consider

Sustainability matters a lot these days, especially in the outdoor industry where nature plays a big role in our activities and experiences. This is particularly true when shopping for outdoorsy gifts or picking items for outdoorsy women.

Patagonia stands out as a brand committed to sustainability. When you shop for outdoorsy gifts, pick products from this brand. They use recycled materials in their items, ideal for outdoorsy women, whenever possible without compromising on quality or performance.

The North Face, a popular shop for outdoorsy gifts, also takes sustainability seriously with its “Clothes The Loop” program. This program encourages people to recycle their used clothes instead of throwing them away, making it an excellent pick for any girl interested in both fashion and the environment.

Practical Gear for Outdoorsy Women

Outdoor activities require the right gear. The better equipped an outdoorsy girl is with her gift from the shop, the more she’ll enjoy her adventures.

Essential Gear for Outdoor Adventures

Every outdoorsy girl needs some basic items. Tents, backpacks, and camping stoves are essential.

Tents provide shelter from weather conditions. They come in different sizes and designs. Some are lightweight for easy transport.

Backpacks carry all necessary items. They should be comfortable and spacious. Many have special compartments for different items.

Camping stoves make outdoor cooking possible. Compact designs are best for hiking or backpacking trips.

Lightweight and Compact Designs

When choosing gear, consider its weight and size. A heavy backpack can make a hike difficult.

Shop for lightweight tents, perfect outdoorsy gifts for your girl, that are easy to set up. Backpacks should distribute weight evenly across your shoulders.

Outdoorsy gifts like camping stoves should be small enough to fit in your bag but powerful enough to cook meals quickly. You can find such items in our shop.

High-Tech Gear

Technology can enhance outdoor experiences too! GPS devices, perfect outdoorsy gifts, help you navigate unfamiliar terrains without getting lost. Shop for them today.

Outdoorsy folks will find that solar chargers, available at our gift shop, keep your devices powered even when you’re miles away from an outlet. These gadgets can be lifesavers during long trips!

Stylish and Functional Footwear for the Outdoors

Outdoor adventures require comfortable, durable footwear. With a variety of outdoorsy options in our shop from hiking boots to water shoes, you can find the perfect gift that combines style and functionality.

Comfortable, Sturdy Footwear for the Outdoors

Footwear is an essential part of any outdoor gear. You need outdoorsy shoes from our shop that provide comfort during long hours of walking or hiking, a perfect gift for any adventurer.

They should also be sturdy enough to withstand different weather conditions and terrains, making them perfect for the outdoorsy individual. Consider this when you shop for their gift.

For example, hiking boots, an outdoorsy gift available in our shop, are designed with extra padding and support to protect your feet during long treks. These outdoorsy items are usually waterproof, making them an ideal gift to shop for in preparation for rainy weather or crossing streams.

Variety in Outdoor Footwear

There’s no shortage of choices. In our outdoorsy shop, you can select gifts from hiking boots for challenging trails, sandals for casual walks in the park, or water shoes for beach trips.

Hiking sandals, a perfect gift for the outdoorsy type, are lightweight and breathable – ideal for hot summer days. Find them in our shop.

Water shoes, a perfect outdoorsy gift available in our shop, have a unique design that allows water to drain out quickly while safeguarding your feet from sharp rocks or shells.

Top-Rated Brands: Durable and Comfortable

When shopping for an outdoorsy gift like outdoor footwear, it’s important to consider brands known for their durability and comfort. One such outdoorsy brand you can find in our shop is Darn Tough, which offers the perfect gift of high-quality hiking socks made from merino wool.

These socks, an outdoorsy gift available in our shop, are not only warm but also moisture-wicking which helps keep your feet dry.

Other popular brands in our outdoorsy shop include Columbia and Merrell, which offer a wide range of hiking boots and sandals in various styles, perfect for a gift.

Style Meets Functionality

While functionality is key when choosing outdoor footwear at your favorite outdoorsy shop, style doesn’t have to be compromised, even if it’s a gift. Many outdoorsy brands offer designs that are both practical and fashionable so you can feel confident on your outdoor adventures. Shop for the perfect gift at these stores.

For instance, in an outdoorsy shop, you can find a gift like hiking boots in earthy tones that blend well with nature or vibrant colored water shoes that add a pop of color to your beach outfit.

Must-Have Accessories for Hiking and Camping

Outdoorsy adventures can be more enjoyable with the right gift accessories. Let’s explore some practical, safety-related, and fun outdoorsy gifts for her.

Practical Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

An outdoorsy multi-tool is a must-have gift for any outdoor enthusiast. It combines many tools in one compact package. For example, a knife, screwdriver, or bottle opener. It’s handy and saves space in your backpack.

Headlamps are another great gift idea. They provide hands-free lighting, an outdoorsy gift, during night hikes or while setting up camp after dark.

Portable water filters are an essential, outdoorsy gift for day hikes or camping trips. They help ensure that you always have access to clean drinking water, a perfect gift for the outdoorsy.

Safety-First Gift Ideas

First-aid kits are crucial when hiking or camping. Accidents can happen, and it’s important to be prepared. An outdoorsy gift like a well-stocked first-aid kit can treat minor injuries on the trail.

Survival bracelets are stylish and functional gifts. These outdoorsy bracelets, perfect as a gift, often include a compass, whistle, fire starter, and even a mini-knife!

Fun Additions to Her Outdoor Gear

Hammocks offer comfort and relaxation after a long hike. They’re lightweight and easy to pack in your daypack.

Portable campfire grills make cooking outdoors fun! For the outdoorsy person, you can gift a grill for burgers or a roaster for marshmallows over an open fire.

Personal Care Items Ideal for Camping Trips

Outdoorsy gifts for her should always include personal care items. These are especially useful for camping trips.

Importance of Outdoor-Specific Skincare Products

We all know how important skincare is. But when you’re outdoors, it becomes even more crucial. Sunscreen and insect repellent are must-haves. These outdoorsy gifts protect the skin from harmful UV rays and pesky bugs.

Sunscreen prevents sunburns, reducing the risk of skin cancer. An outdoorsy gift like insect repellent keeps those annoying mosquitoes away, preventing diseases like malaria or dengue fever.

Environment-Friendly Biodegradable Items

Next on our list are biodegradable personal care items. Outdoorsy shampoos and soaps that won’t harm Mother Nature are a great gift choice. These gift items break down naturally in the environment, causing no pollution.

These gift products are just as effective as their non-biodegradable counterparts. The only difference? They’re kinder to our planet.

Compact Travel-Friendly Personal Care Kits

When on a camping trip, space is often limited. That’s where compact and travel-friendly personal care kits come in handy as a thoughtful gift.

These gift kits contain all essentials – towels, hand salve, soap – in small sizes perfect for travel or gifting. Some even include water bottles or a mini dehydrator!

Gourmet Food and Drink Ideas for Campers

Outdoor trips are exciting. They become more thrilling with the right food and drinks.

Pre-Packaged Meals Snacks Beverages

Pre-packaged meals, snacks, and beverages are excellent outdoor gifts for her. They’re convenient and easy to carry around.

For instance, consider a pack of dehydrated meals. These are lightweight and only require water to prepare. Also, energy bars provide quick nutrition during hikes or other activities.

Beverages like instant coffee packets or tea bags are great too. They offer comfort away from home.

Portable Cooking Equipment

Portable cooking equipment is a must-have for any camper. It makes meal preparation easier in the outdoors.

A compact camping stove is an ideal gift. It’s small but powerful enough to cook hearty meals.

Similarly, portable coffee makers can be a lifesaver in the morning. Imagine sipping freshly brewed coffee amidst nature!

Unique food-related gifts add fun to camping trips. They inspire campers to try new things.

One such gift could be a campfire cooking book. It guides on how to make delicious meals using just a campfire.

Or consider gifting spice kits designed for camping trips. These kits contain various spices in travel-friendly packaging, adding flavor to any meal prepared outdoors.

Subscription Services and Educational Resources

Outdoor gifts for her can include subscription services and educational resources. These are perfect for those who love exploring the great outdoors.

Outdoor Enthusiast Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are a popular gift choice. They offer something new each month. For an outdoor enthusiast, a pro subscription box is perfect.

One example is Cairn’s monthly subscription box. It includes outdoor gear, apparel, food, skin care products and more. All items are tailored to outdoor adventures.

Another option is The Nomadik Subscription Box. This delivers the latest in outdoor gear every month. It’s like Christmas all year round!

Guidebooks Maps and Online Courses

Knowledge is power, especially in the wilderness. Guidebooks and maps make excellent gifts.

A detailed hiking guidebook or a topographic map can be invaluable on a trail hike. They provide essential information about trails, terrains and landmarks.

Online courses on wilderness survival skills are also great gifts. Websites like Udemy offer comprehensive courses covering everything from building shelters to finding food in the wild.

Digital Services for Adventure Planning

In today’s digital age, there are many apps designed for outdoor enthusiasts. These tools make planning an adventure easier than ever before.

Apps like AllTrails help find local hiking trails based on difficulty, length and rating by other users.

Adventure planning tools such as Gaia GPS provide detailed topographic maps for off-grid adventures. With these apps at her fingertips, she’ll be ready to conquer any trail!

Unique Gifts to Enhance the Outdoor Experience

Outdoor gifts for her can be as unique as she is. They range from novelty items, luxury camping gear, to personalized keepsakes.

Novelty Items for Star Gazers and Wildlife Lovers

If she’s an outdoorsy friend who loves gazing at the stars, consider a star-gazing app. These apps help identify constellations and planets. It’s like having a personal guide to the night sky!

For those who love wildlife, a wildlife identification guide is a great gift idea. She can learn about different animals and their habits while exploring the outdoors.

Luxury Items for Comfortable Camping

Camping doesn’t have to mean roughing it out. There are many outdoor gifts that add comfort to camping trips.

An air mattress makes sleeping under the stars more comfortable. Portable showers bring a bit of home comfort to the wilderness. These are perfect gifts for anyone who enjoys outdoor adventures but likes some creature comforts too.

Personalized Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

Personalized gifts reflect her love for the outdoors. Custom-made jewelry with designs inspired by nature make beautiful keepsakes.

Engraved compasses are not only practical but also meaningful. They symbolize guidance and direction in life’s journey – perfect for an outdoor lover!


So, you’ve journeyed with us through a world of outdoor gifts for her. From essential clothing to gourmet food ideas for campers, we’ve covered it all. These gift ideas aren’t just stuff – they’re ways to show your love and support for her outdoor adventures.

They’re the difference between a good trip and a great one, between ‘just another day’ and ‘the best day ever’.

Now it’s your turn to make her feel special. Pick a gift that suits her style and passion for the outdoors. Better yet, why not plan an outdoor adventure together? Nothing beats the gift of shared experiences and memories. Go ahead, make her day!

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