Novelty Gifts for Her: Top 50 Unique Finds for 2023 Guide

Ever scratched your head over what funny gifts to get her that’s unique and a great gag gift?

Something that speaks volumes about your love, maybe with enticing scents? Well, novelty gifts for her are the answer. These aren’t just any regular presents; they’re funny gifts, often personalized, always memorable, and make a great gag gift.

They’re a bit quirky, perfect as gag gifts in a gift box. From a wine bottle etched with her favorite quote to a funny gift like a DIY kit that’ll bring out her creative side or a coffee mug, there’s a variety of gag gifts for every woman in your life.

Whether it’s for a female giftee, family member, friend or even co-worker, these party gifts can add an element of surprise to any event. Each piece, from scents to other surprises, can enhance the celebration.

So next time you’re meeting up for a party or just want to show your female giftee how special she is – think novelty gifts. Consider a unique piece like a mug as the perfect present.

Exploring Novelty Gifts for Her

Gift-giving is an art. Knowing your female giftee’s needs and preferences is crucial. Be creative with a great gag gift, keep the element of surprise alive, and consider her interest in scents.

Know Her Preferences

Understanding her preferences and interests is key. It’s like reading a map to find treasure. If your giftee, a woman or girl, loves gardening, a gag gift like a “grow-your-own-boyfriend” mug may not hit the mark.

Instead, consider something related to her hobby. For instance, a gag gift like a novelty plant pot shaped like a unicorn or a humorous mug could be an awesome present for a female giftee. Alternatively, consider a quirky wine glass.

Be Creative with Gifts

Creativity plays a crucial role in choosing novelty gifts. Think outside the box! A great gag gift isn’t just about laughs; it should also reflect thoughtfulness and effort.

The giftee should love each piece, and the scents should be appealing. Let’s say this good woman loves cats, but this girl already has enough cat-themed stuff at home. How about surprising her with a cat-inspired necklace?

It’s unique, yet still aligns with the woman’s love for her cat and the girl’s fascination with the book on felines.

Surprise Factor Matters

The surprise factor in novelty gifts can’t be underestimated. Remember that thrill when you unwrapped a book gift as a kid, the love for the gag inside, or the aroma of wine?

That’s what we’re going for here! An unexpected gift of a book about wine, paired with a beautiful glass, makes the experience more memorable for your giftee who loves such surprises.

Consider this: The girl enjoys cooking but already has every kitchen gadget you can think of.

So, maybe it’s time for a gag gift, like a book. Instead of another utensil set or gag gift, how about a personalized book or a glass featuring her favorite quote, or an apron with the girl’s cherished catchphrase?

This wine time gadget is both useful and full of personality – making it an excellent white elephant gift or secret Santa present! Just imagine the gag when they pull out a glass from the package.

Unique Wearables and Accessories

Novelty gifts for the girl can be as simple as a unique tech wearable, a customized wine glass, or a distinctive time accessory. Let’s talk about some of these ideas.

The Magic of Wearable Tech

A piece of wearable tech, like a glass wine timepiece, is a big hit these days as a gag gift. It’s like having a mini-computer on your wrist!

Consider gifting a fitness tracker, smartwatch, or even a heart rate monitor to a girl who enjoys wine and appreciates a good gag. These gag gift gadgets, perfect for a wine girl, are not just cool but super useful too.

For instance, a gag gift like a wine bottle is one popular item that many girls love, similar to the Apple Watch.

This gag gift, perfect for a girl who loves wine, has several sizes to choose from and comes in different designs and colors. Plus, this wine gift for your girl tracks steps, sleep, heart rate, and more – a perfect gag!

But hey, if the girl’s not a wine or gag gift fan, there are other brands out there too. Like a Fitbit or Garmin watch, a wine gift or gag item also offers top-notch features for a girl.

Customized Accessories for That Personal Touch

Now let’s shift gears to something more personal – customized accessories, perhaps a wine-themed gag gift for the girl in your life. A monogrammed scarf or a gag hat can make a girl feel special because it’s a gift made just for her, perhaps even paired with her favorite wine!

Imagine gifting that girl a plush purse with her initials on it, perhaps with a bottle of wine? Or how about a gift for your girl, nonskid slippers with her name embroidered on them, paired with her favorite wine? These gifts show thoughtfulness since they’re personalized.

You could even add a unique design to a wine-themed gift, like socks or panties, for that special girl for an extra touch of creativity! The options are endless when you customize.

Uniqueness Matters in Fashion Items

When we talk wine and girl fashion items as gifts, uniqueness is key. After all, no girl wants to receive the same gift, be it a bag, wine, or doll up with the same jewelry everyone else has!

Consider giving the girl a unique pair of pants that stand out from the crowd, perhaps with a bottle of wine. Or maybe gift that girl an unusual wine bag that becomes the talk of the town?

Remember ladies love scents too! So why not surprise your wine-loving girl with an exclusive perfume that smells like nothing else she owns?

Whimsical Kitchen and Cooking Items

Fun in the Kitchen with Gadgets

We all know someone who loves to cook. But sometimes, a plain old spatula or whisk just won’t cut it for a wine-loving girl.

Imagine giving the girl a cookie cutter shaped like her favorite animal, accompanied by her preferred wine. Or a girl’s ice cream scoop that looks like an ice cream cone itself!

These are not just regular kitchen gadgets. These are novelty gifts for the girl that will make her cooking experience more fun and exciting.

For example, imagine a bicycle-shaped pizza cutter for a girl. The girl finds it functional but also gets a laugh every time it’s used.

Unique Presents with Themed Utensils

Now let’s talk about themed cooking utensils. These are great novelty gifts for the girl if she has a favorite movie, TV show, or character.

For instance, think of a Star Wars-themed spatula for a girl or Harry Potter-themed spoons ideal for a girl. This girl’s unique, fun, and still practical for everyday use in the kitchen!

This isn’t limited to just utensils either. Even items like stemless wine glasses with funny quotes can add some humor to a girl’s dinner parties or casual nights in.

Functionality Meets Novelty in the Kitchen

But remember folks, these aren’t just silly items without any use for a girl. We’re talking about functional tools here – they just have an added twist of humor, creativity, and girl power!

Take for instance a candle disguised as a wine bottle, perfect for a girl. The quirky table accessory not only provides light during girl’s dinners but also boasts an impressive burn time.

Or consider this: An egg separator that looks like someone is blowing their nose? Gross maybe, but it sure does get the job done!

Bathroom Accessories with a Twist

From quirky soap dispensers to humor-infused bath bombs, novelty gifts for her can be as practical as they are fun. Let’s dive into some unusual bathroom décor items that can serve as perfect presents.

Unusual Bathroom Décor Items

Ever thought of gifting someone a shower curtain?

Sounds weird, right? But trust me, it’s not! A funky shower curtain can jazz up any bathroom. Imagine your friend stepping into the shower and getting greeted by a unicorn print curtain! It could brighten up their day before it even begins.

Quirky Soap Dispensers

Next on our list is soap dispensers. Now, you might wonder what’s so special about them. Well, imagine washing your hands with soap squirted from an octopus-shaped dispenser! That’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face every time they wash their hands.

Fun Shower Accessories

Shower accessories don’t have to be boring either. A waterproof speaker that looks like a rubber duckie or bath bombs shaped like cupcakes can make shower time more enjoyable.

Not only do these items add fun to the daily routine, but they also serve a practical purpose – who wouldn’t want music in the shower or enjoy luxurious bath bombs?

Humor-Infused Bathroom Essentials

Now let’s talk toilet humor – literally! Toilet paper printed with jokes or puzzles can take care of business while providing entertainment too. Or how about a toilet seat decal that gives everyone a laugh?

These novelty gifts for her are not just amusing but also unique and unexpected.

Office Supplies Reimagined

Creative stationery items and innovative desk organizers are the new wave. They combine usefulness with fun, making them perfect novelty gifts for her.

Creative Stationery Items

Who said office supplies have to be boring? Not me! Think about it. Your girl spends a lot of time at her desk. So why not make it fun?

Take coffee-themed sticky notes, for example. They’re not just cute; they’re practical too! She can jot down quick reminders or important tasks for the day while enjoying her morning cup of joe.

Or how about a pen that’s also a plant? Yes, you heard right! This pen doubles as a tiny planter that she can grow her own little green buddy in. It’s like having a piece of nature right at your fingertips!

Innovative Desk Organizers and Planners

Now let’s talk about keeping things tidy. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind, after all.

A quirky desk organizer could be just what she needs to keep things in order. There are ones shaped like animals, plants, even mini cities! These aren’t just novelty gifts; they actually help improve productivity by keeping everything in its place.

And don’t forget planners. But I’m not talking about those plain old notebooks with dates printed on them. I mean planners with personality – ones that come with stickers, colorful pages, inspirational quotes…

The kind that makes planning feel like an adventure!

Fun Meets Functionality

Here’s the thing: office supplies don’t have to be dull and drab. With these creative stationery items and innovative organizers, work becomes play!

Home Decor with Humor

We all have that person in our lives who loves a good laugh. What better way to tickle their funny bone than with novelty gifts for her that are both hilarious and practical?

Wall Art That Tickles Your Ribs

Imagine walking into your living room, and the first thing you see is a piece of wall art that makes you chuckle. Funny wall art or sculptures could be just the ticket!

From posters showcasing humorous sayings to sculptures of cats in quirky poses, these items can bring joy every day. They’re not just decorations; they’re conversation starters!

Cushions Coffee Mugs With A Twist

Next up on our list of funny gifts are home decor items like cushions and mugs with funny quotes. Picture this: You’re sipping your morning coffee from a mug that says “I’m not a morning person”.

Or maybe you’re lounging on the sofa, and your cushion reads “Napping is my superpower”. These items add a dash of humor to everyday life.

Laughter Inducing Decor Items

There’s something about laughter-inducing elements that make home decor items stand out. It could be a wine glass etched with a witty quote or an adult coloring book filled with hilarious images.

You might even find stickers featuring great gag lines perfect for jazzing up laptops or notebooks.

Quirky Entertainment and Games

We’re shifting gears from home decor to entertainment-related novelty gifts for her. This section will highlight unconventional board games, offbeat music instruments, movie merchandise, and the importance of personal hobbies in selecting such gifts.

Unconventional Board Games

Board games have evolved way beyond chess and monopoly. Nowadays, there’s a game for every taste and interest. For instance, consider “Exploding Kittens”, a hilarious card game that guarantees fun at any party.

Or “Ticket to Ride”, a strategy game with countless five-star reviews that’ll keep her entertained for hours.

Unique Puzzles

Puzzles don’t always have to be about landscapes or cute animals. There are many out-of-the-box puzzles available that cater to different interests.

For example, there’s a variety of 3D puzzles like the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle or Star Wars Millennium Falcon which can double as cool display items once completed!

Offbeat Music Instruments

If she’s into music but already has the usual suspects (guitar, piano), why not surprise her with something unique? How about a thumb piano or an otamatone? These quirky instruments not only provide entertainment but also spark creativity.

Movie Merchandise Gifts

For movie buffs, nothing beats owning a piece of their favorite flicks! From Star Wars light sabers to Harry Potter wands, these novelty gifts are surefire hits. They serve both as collectibles and conversation starters at parties.

Personal Hobbies Matter

Finally, it’s essential to consider her personal hobbies when choosing entertainment-based novelty gifts. If she loves cooking shows, get her an apron with funny quotes from famous chefs. If she’s into fitness, how about a yoga mat featuring witty affirmations?

Health and Wellness with a Smile

Wellness gifts can be both fun and functional. Let’s explore some humorous health products and quirky gadgets that could make great novelty gifts for her.

Fun Yoga Mats to Tickle Her Funny Bone

Yoga is all about balance, right? So why not balance the serious with the silly?

Funny yoga mats are a great way to make her smile while she’s stretching it out. Picture this: a mat that says “I’m just here for the savasana.” Or maybe one with a cheeky cat print saying, “You’ve got to be kitten me right meow.”

These mats don’t just bring laughs, they’re also super comfy and slip-resistant. They’re perfect for any woman who loves yoga…and cats!

Quirky Health Gadgets She’ll Love

Gadgets aren’t just for tech-lovers anymore! There are plenty of health-focused devices that can add a dash of humor to her routine. Consider a water bottle that lights up to remind her to stay hydrated.

Or how about an alarm clock that runs away when it goes off, forcing her to get up and move in the morning? These unique items show you care about her wellbeing…and have a sense of humor too!

Balancing Humor and Usefulness

When picking out novelty gifts for her, remember: it’s not all about the laugh factor. The best presents combine humor with practicality.

A funny calendar featuring adorable four-legged friends doing yoga poses might brighten up her day, but it also helps keep track of important dates. A heart-shaped pedometer might seem cheesy at first glance, but it can motivate her to reach those daily step goals.

Eccentric Jewelry and Fashion Extras

We all know someone who loves to stand out. They’re the ones who always have the coolest stuff, right? Well, let’s talk about some out-of-the-box gift ideas for them.

Statement Necklaces and Unusual Earrings

First off, let’s chat about jewelry. Not your typical pearls or diamond studs, but real showstoppers. Think statement necklaces with bold colors and unusual shapes. Or earrings that are more like mini sculptures hanging from her ears.

For example, imagine a necklace made of sea glass in every color of the rainbow. Or earrings shaped like tiny golden seahorses. These pieces aren’t just accessories; they’re conversation starters!

Funky Sunglasses and Hats

Next up: fashion extras. These are the things she can throw on to instantly jazz up any outfit.

Funky sunglasses are a great place to start. Look for frames in unexpected shapes or vibrant colors – think heart-shaped glasses in neon pink or aviators with rainbow lenses.

And don’t forget hats! A wide-brimmed hat in a bold print can be both functional (hello, sun protection!) and stylish.

Take this as an example: Imagine gifting her a pair of cat-eye sunglasses with leopard print frames or a fedora hat with floral embroidery around the brim – unique yet fashionable!

Personal Style Matters

But remember: no matter how cool these items are, they won’t make good gifts if they don’t fit her personal style.

So before you go shopping, take some time to think about what she likes. Does she love vintage styles? Then maybe look for a cameo brooch or cat-eye glasses from the 50s era. Is she more into modern art? Try finding jewelry inspired by famous artists’ works.


Looking for the perfect novelty gift for her?

You’ve got a smorgasbord of options, from quirky wearables to whimsical kitchen items. You can’t go wrong with a chuckle-inducing bathroom accessory or an office supply that’s been given a fun twist.

Even home decor and entertainment games can bring on the laughs. And let’s not forget about health and wellness products that pack a punch of humor or eccentric jewelry pieces that are sure to turn heads.

So, what are you waiting for?

Dive into the world of novelty gifts and find something that will tickle her funny bone and make her day. There’s a whole universe of unique, fun, and downright hilarious items out there just waiting to be discovered. Go on, add some sparkle to her life with a gift that’s as unique as she is!


What are some novelty gifts for her?

Novelty gifts for her can include quirky jewelry, personalized items, unique home decor, or fun gadgets. The key is to find something that aligns with her interests and sense of humor.


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